Hunterbrook Media publishes investigative and global reporting — with no ads or paywalls. Our mission is to bring visibility to under-covered regions and accountability to under-scrutinized sectors. 

We built this platform because we want our research to be freely available to the public, and we seek to capture the economic value created by world-class reporting, which we believe for too long has gone to everyone except the outlets producing it. 

The articles on this website have been reported by Hunterbrook Media. In certain instances when reporting does not include Material Non-Public Information (MNPI), also known as “insider info,” articles may be provided to our affiliate Hunterbrook Capital, an investment firm which may take financial positions based on our research. Hunterbrook Media publishes positions that Hunterbrook Capital takes in connection with Hunterbrook Media’s research—and no other investment firm has early access to the information. 

While our approach differs in key ways from traditional journalism — for instance, by seeking to avoid inside sources — we are deeply inspired by the tools and values of both intrepid reporting and open-source intelligence (OSINT).

We’ve designed our unique policies and protocols on those of institutions with a high commitment to the ethics of reporting. Our Advisory Board includes the first Public Editor of The New York Times, the former Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal, the founder of ProPublica, and several exceptional reporters, among many other Advisors. 

To share ideas, please email One of our legal colleagues will screen your message and, where appropriate, direct it to the relevant member of our team. While we do not generally publish anonymous information due to our open-source strategy, we can keep your identity private and use the information to find sources whose provenance can be shared. If you send MNPI/insider info, our legal team may forward it to an organization that reports using inside sources.

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Hunterbrook Media brings accountability to under-scrutinized companies and visibility to under-covered regions. Visit to read our disclosures.